About the Fiscal Office

Jeremy A. VanMeter, Chief Clerk & Fiscal Officer
Vacant, Assistant Clerk & Fiscal Officer

The Office of Clerk & Fiscal Officer works closely with the Mayor, Council, and Board of Public Affairs to efficiently manage the Village's records and finances. The chief fiscal officer and assistant fiscal officer are appointed by Council to manage the Village's budget, payroll, records, inventory, investments, and financial reporting.

The Fiscal Office works in partnership with the Council Finance Committee to review Village finances monthly, including bank reconciliation, appropriations, revenues, cash activity, purchase orders, and vendors.\



The Village of Sugar Grove Fiscal Office is committed to transparency and stewardship of tax dollars. In collaboration with the Ohio Treasurer of State, the Fiscal Office has published all financial data for years ending 2013-2019 through OhioCheckbook.com. You can check out our financials by clicking here.


The most recent audit for the Village of Sugar Grove was performed by Perry & Associates (Marietta, Ohio) for years ending

2016-2017: Village_of_Sugar_Grove_17_16-Fairfield

2014-2015: Village_of_Sugar_Grove_15_14-Fairfield


Financial Reports

Annual Financial Report for Year-Ending December 31, 2019 (unaudited) AFR_Sugar_Grove_2019

Annual Financial Report for Year-Ending December 31, 2018 (unaudited) AFR_Sugar_Grove_2018

Annual Financial Report for Year-Ending December 31, 2017 (unaudited) AFR_Sugar_Grove_2017