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Online Payments Now Accepted for Utility Bills (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover)

The Board of Public Affairs is proud to announce online payments for utility bills are now accepted. In addition, Village water customers may now sign up for paperless billing and view account information by registering here note that you will need your name, valid e-mail address, and 6-digit account number that will appear on your January bill. It will look like “101010.”

Other forms of payment include check, cashier’s check, or money order. Payments can be dropped off at the Village Hall and deposited in the locked drop box located on the front of the office at 101 Bridge Street.

Board Meetings

The Trustees for the Board of Public Affairs (BPA) meet at 6:00pm at Village Hall, 101 Bridge Street, on the third Monday of the month.

BPA Trustees are elected by Village residents and serve four-year terms. The Board of Public Affairs manages the Water, Water R&I, Sewer, and Sanitation funds and operations. The Board of Public Affairs operates through Council Ordinances & Resolutions as well as its own Rules & Bylaws. Current officers and terms are as follows:

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Beth Lockard, Chair -term ends Dec. 31, 2023

Bobbi Selby, Vice-Chair -term ends Dec. 31, 2023 (Replaced Robin Sanborn)

Bev Kruer, Trustee -term ends Dec. 31, 2025

Utilities Personnel & Contact Information

Please contact the Water Department regarding issues with your water service. E-mail

Gregg Foltz, Water Operator of Record
Jeff Hursey, Village Maintenance Supervisor
Shad Goodwin, Village Administrator/Maintenance Support
Jeff Shaw, Wastewater Operator of Record

For all other Utilities customer service comments and questions, please visit the “Contact Us” page or click the Customer Service button.

Board of Public Affairs - Record of Proceedings

Get Involved in Operation Helping Hand…

Would you like to give back to the Sugar Grove Community? In partnership with Berne Union Local Schools and area civic groups, the Village has a corps of volunteers that help clean streets, paint buildings, rake leaves, and beautify the town. To get involved, click the below button to contact us!

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